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Pizzicato Magazine

Pizzicato Magazine, July 2014

Together with Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, the entire Princely Family of Liechtenstein, and its bank LGT Group, the violinist Alexander Gilman has been able to launch the “LGT Young Soloists” project with his students. This young string ensemble currently consists of 11 musicians between 13 and 18 years old, each one of whom has already embarked on a solo career. Altogether, these rising stars of the music world have so far notched up 70 first prizes for performances in national and international competitions!

“LGT Young Soloists” is more than just a youth music ensemble or a youth orchestra: it is based on the principle of giving each musician a unique opportunity for regular solo performances, accompanied by their own orchestra. This enables the young virtuosos to gain vital experience in playing on stage and in concerts from an early age – experience that they would otherwise often be denied. At the same time, the soloists’ rotation system also allows them all to build up experience as orchestral and chamber musicians by accompanying and supporting their fellow performers.

Alexander Gilman’s main aim in employing this system is to develop a culture of healthy, social cooperation among the soloists. Regular rotation prevents rivalries from forming, while each individual is provided with maximum support and protected from the sense of isolation that soloists often experience.

The musicians involved in “LGT Young Soloists” appreciate being among like-minded people, which significantly boosts their development both as musicians and as individuals.
All the members of “LGT Young Soloists” are currently enjoying a rare opportunity for performers their age. In the past few months, the ensemble has appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Vienna and Moscow, with further performances lined up in Zurich, Vienna, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and Singapore before the end of the year.

A major tour of China and around Germany, Austria and Switzerland is planned for 2015, along with a trip on the world’s finest cruise ship – the MS Europa 2 – and the recording of the ensemble’s first CD. 

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